PUBLISHED ON NOV 23, 2017 AT 00:01:36 - EXPIRES NOV 23 11:59 PM

For West Canada Creek at Brookfield Renewable Power's Trenton Falls Powerhouse, Barneveld, NY The following predictions are for flows in the river just below the powerhouse:

Until 9:00 PM today, 1,600 CFS
From 9:00 PM today until 11:59 PM 800 CFS

This pattern of flows is expected to continue until 11:59 PM, 11-23-17

All published flows are approximate and forecasts are estimates only. Actual flows will vary and can change quickly at any time. Always be alert and wear an approved flotation device. Never go in or near the water until you know and accept the risks you are assuming by being in this area!

Any changes to this schedule are normally made by 5:00 PM Daily

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