WATERLINE - Example Call

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This example is for a river level gauge. The content of flow reports and forecasts will be different. . Most Eastern US sites follow this format. Some Western US sites give flows instead. The actual speech you hear is shown in italic type.

Dial the Waterline 800 number.

You will hear...

Welcome to Waterline, there is no charge for this call.

Next you hear the 'user responsibility' message...

All reports are for planning only. By continuing, you agree to judge all water conditions for yourself and assume all related risks. (beep) For Waterline site codes and instructions, press 0 at any site code prompt.

The beep signals the start time when you can enter a site code. Once you are used to using Waterline you can enter your first code immediately after you hear this beep without waiting for the rest of the instructions or prompts. This speeds up your call.

Then you are prompted to enter your first site code...

Please enter a six digit site code.

Waterline will speak the first report for the site you requested, for example...

For the Smith River at Bristol NH, the latest reading is 5.9, taken on, March 4 at 9:14 AM.

Selected prior readings are available.

For March 4 at 6:35 AM, 5.4, at 2.48 AM, 5.2.

For March 3 at 11:24 PM, 5.0

Readings for this site are updated at random intervals throughout the day. This site report is complete. Please enter another site code or hang up.

The reading formats will differ for different sites and the sites have different reporting intervals. See the state site code list and gauge lists for more information.

Remember that Waterline reports are designed so that you can interrupt them with the next site code at any time. If you had wanted a second and any number of subsequent readings, you might have chosen to start entering the next site code as soon as you heard the '5.9' and time in the example above.