Why Use The Waterline Hot Line?

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It's current!
Waterline has the most current forecasts and river level readings you can get. Forecasts are updated in real-time from participating reservoir and power control centers. Waterline also publishes river gauge readings. These are updated at least every 4 hours, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Waterline gets most of its gauge based level readings directly from the GOES satellite in real time. Readings are usually up and available to you on the phone within two minutes from the time they are transmitted by the gauge.

It's reliable!
Waterline uses automated state-of-the-art equipment and software to get forecast data directly from reservoir control centers by direct electronic link and right from the gauges by satellite.

It's fast!
The Waterline telephone hotline will speak readings as fast as you can key in the six-digit codes. You can interrupt any spoken report by entering your next code as soon as you have heard enough of any report. There's no waiting through lists of sites you don't want to hear about and you can repeat any report by simply re-entering its code. You don’t even have to boot up your computer before you leave for the river in the morning.

It's FREE!
The Waterline telephone hotline is a toll-free 800 number and there are no user fees.

It complements the Web!
Internet users are the most frequent users and promoters of Waterline’s telephone hotline. The Internet is a great tool when you are otherwise at your computer and/or you have time to wait for the Web. When you're away from your computer or you don't have time to boot it up and log into your provider just to check the readings, Waterline is the alternative. You can call Waterline and be on your way in less than two minutes flat. You can also call Waterline from your wireless phone! Waterline lets you call from anywhere, your car, a phone booth, a hotel room or a campground. Lots of users have told us that the Waterline telephone hotline has saved their boating or fishing vacation because they could find out about changing conditions while they were on the road.

It's the single largest source of river information by phone.
Waterline covers hundreds of gauges and release sites all across the US.

It gives prior readings on the telephone hotline!
Selected prior readings tell you how fast the water levels are changing.